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We are so excited to present the inaugural edition of CC: Content! 


Each season, we will bring new stories, interviews, and features to life through the voices of the Collective Culture team. 


CC: Content! - Summer 2020 focuses on COVID-19. Specifically, the ways it has forced us to reflect, learn, unlearn, and foster community. Each week, for the next three weeks, we will release pieces that mirror in theme. Click the Editor's Letter to learn about how this edition of CC: Content! came to life and stay tuned for more great stories coming your way. 

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Read our Editor's Letter written by Collective Culture co-founder Keesha Chung.

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Summer 2020


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In this piece, Collective Culture writer Taysha Brown discusses her experiences travelling and living in Taiwan as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. As this pandemic continues to unveil the countless broken social systems in North America, Taysha sheds light on Taiwan’s cultural unity and resilience that enabled the small island to tackle and contain the virus. 


How can we define collective accountability within an individualistic culture? What can we learn from Taiwan moving forward?

A Global State of Chaos: 

From Taiwan to Canada 


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Seeking Asylum by Collective Culture writer Nicolas André, highlights the tenacity of Haitian people through a series of interviews, tied together by the philanthropic contributions of Nicolas’s father to the Haitian community in Montreal. This piece touches on the individual experiences that depict an unending fight to maintain a sense of community regardless of physical borders that tear the communities apart or hold them together. Despite perilous natural disasters, the risks to attain refugee status abroad and the economic realities that can leave migrants vulnerable to coronavirus, the people thrive together.

Seeking Asylum:

The Unpaved Road After Roxham


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The New Normal


As the world begins to reopen, many of us have asked what we want our new normal to look like. What do we want to change in our individual lives? What do we want to see change within our society and culture? We asked our writers these questions, and here is what they had to say. 

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Killing Time:

Who Has the Privilege to Ponder? 


When someone says currency, they’re most likely talking about money. But how often do we view time as a source of currency? Killing Time: The Privilege to Ponder explores the currency of time in the era of COVID-19