What is Collective Culture? 

Co-founded by Keesha Chung in 2016, Collective Culture is a platform that celebrates the voices of BIPOC creatives within and beyond Canadian borders through the collaborative development of multidisciplinary programming and content.

What we do

  • Event production and consultation 

  • Event moderation 

  • Content development, production, and consultation

Our Collaborators


“Collective Culture has given me the space to express myself freely with my community.  As a Black cis woman, I understand the importance of spaces that prioritize the voices and experiences of marginalized groups. In these spaces, we are able to interrogate our understandings of ourselves and the world we live in. I am honoured that people have trusted Collective Culture to be a facilitator for this kind of healing and connectivity and I can’t wait to see what new moments we will create moving forward!”

Keesha Chung

Co-Founder, Collective Culture

(Photo by Willy Verse)