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Ciinema is a video mixtape series based in Toronto meant to spark, inspire and provoke - this time curated by Collective Culture Montreal’s (CC:MTL) co-founder Keesha Chung and contributor Mouna Traoré. Watch the full video above! 

- Keesha Chung is the co-founder of CC:MTL. She is an event and video producer/director, video editor, art director, writer, graphic designer and professional model. Her work focuses on critical race theory and intersectional feminism.

- Mouna Traoré is a contributor to CC:MTL. She is an actor, writer and award-winning filmmaker based in Toronto. She is also co-founder of the company The Mini Films and produces her own work along with co -founder Elizabeth Melanson.

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Flyer photo by: Willy Verse

Event photos shot by: Mike Rousseau

Click here to view the full Ciinema x CC:MTL playlist