CC:MTL Year 1

CC:MTL is an all access weekend that celebrates the voices of innovative BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) in Canada. CC:MTL brings creatives together for conversations, hang outs, performances and parties. This festival is a chance to kick back, relax, inspire and be inspired. Arts, academia and popular culture will come together for an unforgettable weekend!


DAY ONE: Friday August 19th 
(12 PM - Doors Open) 

1 PM 
Opening Ceremony/Clap Back 
Moderated by Nènè + Co-hosted by Keesha
The Clap Back is a space to informally discuss everything from pop culture phenomena to divisive political issues as we sip tea/coffee and stuff our faces with pastries!
This time we’ll be exploring the tension between (in)visibility + identity + culture as we celebrate the launch of CC:MTL

3 PM
Opening of Pop Up Shop
Featuring books + zines + designs + illustrations

Up Close + Personal
Artistic Experiment
A series of performances that play on the themes of immersion and vulnerability

4 PM
Live Recording of Two Hungry Children Ep.7
Curated/Moderated by Madelyne Beckles + Kalale Dalton + Cason Sharpe 
A conversation on love and its various manifestations

DAY TWO: Saturday August 20th 
(12PM - Doors Open) 

1 PM
Free Your Mind!
Panel Curated/Moderated by the Centre for Gender Advocacy
A conversation on the individual and collective liberation of minds. 

4 PM
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Table Read of Blacks Don’t Bowl
A reading of Vadney Haynes’ play exploring stereotypes and identity

7 PM
Closing Ceremony
Hosted by Keesha + Nènè
A celebration of the voices that inspired CC:MTL + a preview of forthcoming conversations/collaborations

10 PM
Official After Party ft. Surprise Guests 
Sounds by up and coming artists + one last chance to enjoy each other’s presence as we conclude the festival

DAY 3: 

3 PM
Never Apart x CC:MTL present: Day Play 7
Pool party featuring sounds by Rick Wilhite + Kris Guilty + Francis Oak